A Self Entertaining Man

Aside from masturbation, what true forms of self stimulation exist in the wild? Social animals such as ourselves can’t exist for long without the attention of others. Something primal in us recognizes that, for a long part of our history, ostracization was the closest cousin to death. As a product of this, conversation is an easy way to entertain, even as it create the necessary social bonds for a group to survive and thrive.

It bodes poorly for the future then, when parents let their children sit around the dining room with their eyes cast downward, fingers tapping cell phones and iPads. It is a blissful distraction for parent and child alike, but without direct observation and participation in human social phenomenon, how will children ever learn to replicate it, and without this necessary social bonding how will we survive as anything but a fragmented species?


About Know What Else?

The A is for irreverent.
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